Fish Processing

Fish Processing, Cooper Landing, Alaska

The Kenai Cache Outfitters is proud to offer fish processing and freezing to our visitors here in Cooper Landing Alaska. Trust the Kenai Cache Outfitters with your hard earned fish to ensure that it is processed and frozen in a timely manner and done the right way from start to finish. The Kenai Cache offers the following fish processing services:

  • Cutting
  • Fillet whole fish
  • Trimming
  • Vacuum package
  • Fish freezing
  • Overnight Shipping via Fedex (additional cost)
  • Weekly fish storage

Service Options

  • Full Service: includes cutting, trimming, filleting, vacuum sealing, freezing and up to 7 days storage.
  • Priority “Same Day” Service: Drop off in the morning pick-up in the afternoon, drop off in the afternoon, pick-up that evening. This service includes cutting, trimming, filleting and vacuum sealing.
  • Express: while you wait and within 2 hours. Includes cutting, trimming, filleting and vacuum sealing


Why Choose Us?

  • One price for everything versus a separate price for filleting, vacuum sealing, cleaning fish and freezing.
  • All fish is meticulously tracked to ensure you receive your fish.
  • All fish is processed the same day.
  • All fish are placed on trays to ensure flat, uniform freezing and not simply thrown into a deep freezer in a bag .
  • All fish are placed in our walk in “Arctic” freezers with blowers to ensure rapid freezing to lock in essential flavors and maintain freshness.
  • All our fish are expertly filleted and trimmed.
  • All our fish are vacuum sealed in 4mm commercial grade bags that are made in America and are of the best quality on the market.

The Kenai Cache Outfitters uses state of the art commercial vacuum sealers to ensure that all fish are sealed correctly. Keep in mind that not all vacuum seal bags and systems are created equally. This is why we have gone to the expense of purchasing Italian made vacuum sealing systems which are the best in the industry and use only “American Made” vacuum seal bags that are designed to keep your fish sealed for an extended period of time. Inferior bags are made of a lesser blend of plastic which are prone to cracking when frozen and dropped or simply start to crack while in the freezer for an extended period of time.

As with most industries, balancing cost with quality is a tricky business. Most vacuum seal bags are made from 3 types of plastic; nylon, polyester and saran. Inferior bags use significantly more polyester and saran to reduce cost and as a result are prone to cracking or losing their seal not long after freezing. Some processors also use thinner bags such as 2mm or 3mm bags which saves them money but making your investment less sound. The Kenai Cache Outfitters only uses 4mm commercial grade bags, made in America and are your best buy when deciding on which processor to entrust with your valued catch.

Questions & Answers

What should I do to prepare my fish for processing?
Here at the Kenai Cache Outfitters we will take your fish however you decide to drop it off either as whole fish, filleted fish, gutted fish, without head or tail.

How do I preserve my catch while fishing and or transferring from one location to another?
While fishing, keep your fish in the water or in a cooler with ice.

Should I bleed my fish immediately after catching it?
Yes, this prevents the blood from tainting the meat allowing for a much cleaner fillet and a superior quality end product.

How do I care for my processed fish once I arrive back home?
Gently place them in your freezer. Broken seals are generally associated with rough handling.

How long can I leave my fish in the cooler?
No longer than 24 hours as a general rule, especially with filleted fish.

Is vacuum sealing really necessary?
There is no better way to preserve your valued catch than vacuum sealing. There is nothing worse than digging through your freezer a month or so after your trip and finding that most of your hard caught catch are freezer burned. Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn and can last in your freezer for a year or more while maintaining the same quality as the day you caught it.

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