Fishing Report :: Cooper Landing, Alaska

Fishing Report September 15th 2015

Sockeye Rainbows & Dollies Coho Pinks Chum
Russian River
Upper Kenai River
Kenai River (Ferry)
Quartz Creek
Crescent Creek
Resurrection Creek
Six Mile Creek
Ptarmigan Creek
Crescent Lake
Hidden Lake
Rainbow Lake
Cooper Lake

Additional Notes for Fishing Report September 15th 2015

The Russian River and the Sanctuary are fishing extremely well for Rainbows, Dollies and Silvers.  The Cotton Wood Hole was stacked yesterday with chrome Silvers.  Carcasses are every where so don't forget your flesh flies and washed out beads.  Fresh beads are still working very well as Reds continue to spawn up and down the entire  Upper Kenai River.  Beads in Natural and Dark Roe in both 8mm and 6mm are getting it done.  Water levels in all systems are ideal.  Fishing rates an "epic" from most of our regulars and guides.

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