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Fishing Report Kenai River & Russian River July 28th 2018

Sockeye Rainbows & Dollies Coho Pinks Chum
Russian River
Upper Kenai River
Kenai River (Ferry)
Quartz Creek
Crescent Creek
Resurrection Creek
Six Mile Creek
Ptarmigan Creek
Crescent Lake
Hidden Lake
Rainbow Lake
Cooper Lake

Additional Notes for Fishing Report Kenai River & Russian River July 28th 2018

UPDATE:  First off the Off Shore Test Fishery or OTF boats posted one of the biggest numbers to date as of yesterday which was 108 which is representative of a huge school or schools of fish headed into to the system.  We should see a huge push of fish into the Kenai River here shortly...the good news is a siggest that the run was in fact late so hold your breath and hold on.  Okay, here it is, the Russian River is doing good and people are catching fish.   Not quite gang busters but a limit of 3 fish is obtainable.  The Ferry area is definitely picking up with a limit to be had in a few hours to perhaps an all day affair but a limitable equation. The Trout fishing on the Russian should really kick into full swing as the 1st runners start to spawn on or about the 1st of August.  Most of these are spawning up towards the Upper Lake in Goat Creek so as the eggs make there way down river it on for the 1st round of the bead bite.  At the ferry, at the very bottom of the high bank that faces up river is full of fish as usual.  Take a net and wade out to fish this area.  Take the trail below the ferry as it splits of f to the left and you will find a back channel of the Kenai River that has been full of fish.  This back channel is referred to as Darci's or the Power Line hole evidenced by a power line going over head.  The 2nd quarter of the high bank below the ferry I also putting out fish with several on the stringers yesterday.  Good luck out there.

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