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Sockeye Rainbows & Dollies Coho Pinks Chum
Russian River
Upper Kenai River
Kenai River (Ferry)
Quartz Creek
Crescent Creek
Resurrection Creek
Six Mile Creek
Ptarmigan Creek
Crescent Lake
Hidden Lake
Rainbow Lake
Cooper Lake

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The Russian River 1st run is tapering off but their are those who continue to time it just right and hit those limits of fish entering the river.  The Sanctuary continues to be a great bet but move around to find these fish as the run has tapered down from its peak.  The water is a bit higher and tapering off from the melt off from all the great sunshine bestowed upon us.  Bring a net to assist in landing those hard earned hook ups.  Remember, the most successful anglers at this point in the run are paying close attention to the detail especially on the Kenai River.  Make absolutely sure that you are getting a good drift meaning the right amount of weight to maintain a clean steady, contact with the bottom drift.  Bright Coho flies in the full sun and dark shades in lower light conditions.  Tights lines!!

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